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Causes And Treatment Of Hyperpyrexia

Causes And Treatment Of Hyperpyrexia. When the normal temperature is elevator about normal the patient is said pyrexia or fever. It is a common indication of illness. Hyper means abnormally increase and refers to fever. A fever is when the body’s temperature rises above the normal 98.6 degree Fahrenheit.  Hyperpyrexia occurs when the body’s temperature rises above 106.7 degrees Fahrenheit.




 Causes And Treatment Of Hyperpyrexia

A fever is considered an important body defense for destroying infections microorganism when fever remains below 102 degree F and the patient has not have a chronic medical condition such as typhoid, malaria, surgical infection etc.  It happens in our daily life at all ages.  We should treat the right causes and symptoms without creating complications. Let’s take a look causes and  treatment of hyperpyrexia.

Causes of Hyperpyrexia ( >107 degree Fahrenheit )

  • Cerebral malaria.
  • Pontine hemorrhage
  • Heat stork
  • Septicemia
  • Lobar pneumonia
  • Atropine and Datura poisoning
  • Acute pyelonephritis.

Primary treatment of a patient with  Hyperpyrexia

  1. Give full bed rest.
  2. Cold sponging.
  3. If the temperature is higher than 105.8 degree F or if high temperature is unchanged after a sufficient response time with conventional intervention. Some investigation should bd done for prepared diagnosis and treatment.
  4. When the patient feels shivering cover with the blanket or heavy cloth.
  5.   Keep patient in a warm but not hot environment.
  6. Remove blanket or a heavy clothing once shivering subsides.
  7. Temperature should be measured 2 hourly and maintain the chart.
  8. Provide liberal amounts of fluid.
  9. Provide light and high caloric diet.
  10. Administer antipyretic drug according to physician orders.
  11. Promote room ventilation .
  12. Tepid or cold sponging or bath 30 minutes after administrating antipyretic.
  13. Discontinue physical cooling measures if the patient beings to shiver.


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