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Titas Gas Exam Question Solution 2021

Titas Gas Exam Question Solution 2021 is available below. Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited (TGTDCL) Question has been solved by educational team. Now Examiners are searching for question solutions for the TGTDCL for their desired posts. Titas Gas Exam Question and answer is helpful for job seekers in Bangladesh. The Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited (TGTDCL) is a Greet government organization of Bangladesh. All information on the Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company TGTDCL MCQ and Written Exam Full Question Solution 2021 is available on this post.


Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited (TGTDCL) Question Solution 2021

Are you searching for a Titas Gas Exam Question Solved? The good news is that TGTDCL published this job exam Question And Full Answer today for the empty job post. The Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited (TGTDCL) will appoint 145 People in the 06 posts.

Organization Information

Organization Name Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited (TGTDCL)
Organization Type Government organization
Official Website

Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Vacancy

  • Assistant Manager (General) – 20
  • Assistant Manager (Accounts) – 30
  • Assistant Engineer (Various) – 25
  • Assistant Officer (General) – 22
  • Assistant Officer (Accounts) – 05
  • Sub Assistant Engineer (SAE) Various – 43

Total Vacancy: 145 

Assistant Manager (Accounts) Exam Date: September 10, 2021

Exam Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM  

Assistant Manager (General) Exam Date: October 10, 2021 

Exam Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM  

See Must… 

Titas Gas Exam Result 2021 

Titas Gas Assistant Manager (General) Exam Question 2021

Titas Gas Assistant Manager (General) Exam Question 2021 1

Titas Gas Assistant Manager (General) Exam Question 2021 2

Titas Gas Assistant Manager (General) Exam Question 2021 3

TGTDCL Assistant Manager (General) Exam Question Solution 2021

১. How many goals did Messi score to break Pele’s international goal scoring record?


২. When the stock prices are persistently on the rise. It is known as___ market.


৩. Martree Super Thermal Power Project is located at-


৪. One Petabyte is equal to 1024____


৫. Which country is not a member of OPEC?


৬. The waterfall “Victoria” is one the river ______


৭. Which vitamin is necessary for blood clotting?


  1. The book ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster is written by 

(A) Jeff Bezos  (B) Larry Page (C) Bill Gates (D) Mark Zuckerberg – 

  1. Which pohtical party has won the German Election 2021?

(A) SPD (8) FDP (C) CDU (D) CSU . 

10 Which country is the largest producer of natural gas?

(A) Qatar (C) Saudi Arabia (B) Russia (D) Nigeria

  1. In England, Tulip Siddig is acting as the shadow minister for the Ministry of 

(A) Child care (B) Labor (C) Education (D) Human rights

12 Summer Olympics 2024 will be hosted by

(A) Japan (B) France (c) Italy (D) England

13 The term “Amicus Curiae is related to 

(A) Judiciary (B) Physics

(C) Medical Science (D) Mathematics 

14 in computer terminology. OCR stands for

(A) Optical Character Reader (B) Optical Card Reader 

(C) Online Code Reader (d) Optical Code Reader 

15 in computer terminology, tot stands for

(A) Internet of Technologies (B) Internet of Things 

(C) Internet of Transmission (D) Intranet of Technologies 

  1. Which key combination is used to permanently delete a file or folder?

(A) Alte delete (B) CTRL delete 

Titas Gas Assistant Manager Exam Question 2021

Titas Gas Assistant Manager Exam Question 2021
Titas Gas Assistant Manager Exam Question 2021
Titas Gas Assistant Manager Exam Question 2021

Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Question Solution 2021

১. If accrued expenses are not adjusted-

a) Net Income is understated   b) Expense is understated

c) Liability is understated   d) A & C   e) B & C

২. At the beginning of the year, XYZ company had total assets of Tk 50,000 and the total liability of Tk 30,000. During the year the asset increased by Tk 15,000 and the liability decreased by Tk 8,000. What is the amount of Owner’s Equity?

a) Tk 27,000   b) Tk 35,000  c) Tk 43,000  d) Tk 50,000    e) None

৩. Which of the following accounts is an example of deferred revenue expenditure?

a) Depreciation b) Prepaid insurance premium c) Bad Debt d) Supplies  e) None

৪. According to which of the following accounting principles ‘allowance for bad debts’ is maintained as a percentage of ‘credit sales’?

a) Materiality b) consistency c) Conservatism d) Matching e) None

৫. For financial reporting purposes, which of the following assets are recorded according to the fair value principle?

a) Plant & Machinery b) Investment Securities

c) Inventories d) Land    e) None

৬. During the period of inflation, which type of inventory valuation method produces higher net income?

a) Average Cost Method b) FIFO

c) LIFO     d) Moving Average Method    e) None

৭. In a bank reconciliation statement, which of the following items is added to the cash balance per bank statement/

a) Deposits in transit b) Outstanding Checks

c) Not Sufficient Funds (NSF) Check

d) Bank service charge e) None

৮. XYZ Company’s contribution margin ratio is 30%. If sales revenue is Tk 100 greater than break-even sales which of the following will be its net income?

a) TK 100  b) Tk 70 c) Tk 30

d) Can’t be determined without knowing variable costs

e) Can’t be determined without knowing variable costs

৯. Cash outflow for which of the following activities will be classified as cash flow from operations?

a) Purchase of Plant b) Redemption of Bond

c) Interest expense d) Dividend payment e) None

১০. Which of the following accounts will normally appear in the leader of a  merchandising company that uses a perpetual inventory system?

a) Purchases     b) Cost of goods sold

c) Freight-in     d) Purchase discounts  e) None

১১. Which of the following is a nominal account?

a) Salaries Expense b) Bond Payable

c) Accounts Receivable d) Plant Asset  e) None

১২. Cash of Tk 100 received at the time the service was provided was journalized and posted as a debit to Cash Tk 1,000 and a credit to Accounts Receivable Tk 1,000. The rectification journal to correct this error will be-

a) Debit Cash Tk 100, Credit Service Revenue Tk 100

b) Debit Service Revenue Tk 1,000, Credit Tk 1,000

c) Debit Accounts Receivable Tk 1,000, Credit Cash Tk, 1,000

d) Debit Accounts Receivable 1,000 Tk, Credit Cash 900 Tk and Credit Service Revenue 100 Tk

e) None

১৩. If opening inventory is 3,000 Taka, closing inventory is 5,000 Taka, sales is 60,000 Taka and gross profit margin is 20%, inventory turnover will be-

a) 8 times b) 10 times c) 12 times d) 15 times  e) None

১৪. Mr. Karim purchased 1,500 Taka of merchandise from Mr. Rahim on March 1 with credit terms  2/10, n/30. Mr. Karim returned 300 Taka of the merchandise purchased on March 5, On March 9, Mr. Karim made full payment to Mr. Rahim. The amount of payment made by Mr. Karim was-

a) Tk 1,100 b) Tk 1,176 c) Tk 1,200 d) Tk 1,470 e) None

১৫. An Equipment was purchased for 50,000 Taka. Shipping cost for the equipment amounted to 10,000 Taka and the Installation cost amounted to 10,000 Taka. If the equipment has a salvage value of 15,000 Taka at the end of its 5-year useful life, the book value of the equipment after 2 years will be-

a) Tk 22000 b) Tk 36000 c) Tk 46000 d) Tk 48000 e) None

১৬. Net Income of XYZ company is 1,00,000 Taka in 2020. During the year, accounts receivable increased by 40,000 Taka, amounts payable decreased by 20,000 Taka and Inventory increased by 30,000 Taka. Under Indirect method, what is the net cash provided by operating activities?

a) Tk 10,000 b) Tk 30,000 c) Tk 50,000 d) Tk 1,50,000 e) None

১৭. Given the following information: Sales Tk 1,00,000, Direct material Tk 30,000,  Direct labor Tk 20,000, Total selling expense Tk 25,000, Total manufacturing cost Tk 40,000 and Administrative cost Tk 28,000, what do the prime cost and period cost?

a) Prime cost Tk 50,000 & Period cost Tk 90,000

b) Prime cost Tk 60,000 & Period cost Tk 90,000

c) Prime cost Tk 50,000 & Period cost Tk 53,000

d) Prime cost Tk 60,000 & Period cost Tk 53,000

e) None

১৮. Which of the following ratios measure a firm’s short-term debt-paying ability?

a) Debt to Asset Ratio b) Acid Test Ratio

c) Payout Ratio d) Price to Earnings Ratio

e) None

১৯. When “Unearned Revenues” are adjusted which of the following happens?

a)  Liability decreases and Revenue increases

b) Asset decreases and Revenue increases

c) Asset increases and Revenue decreases

d) Equity increases and Revenue increases

e) None

২০. Given opening account receivables of Tk 11,500. Sales Tk 48,000 and receipts from debtors Tk 45,000, the closing accounts receivables total should be-

a) Tk 8,500 b) Tk 14,500 c) Tk 18,500 d) Tk 83,500 e) None

২১.________ is the act of designing the company’s offerings and image so they occupy a meaningful and distinct competitive position in the target customers minds.

a) Positioning b) Segmentation

c) Maximarketing d) Targeting

e) None

২২. Rectangle Pharmaceuticals makes Centrum Silver, a high potency multivitamin for active men and women over 50. This is an example of _____ segmentation.

a) gender b) generation

c) age and life cycle d) usage rate e) None

২৩. A (n) ______ market is characterized by a fairly narrowly defined market with a complete and distinct set of needs, and a willingness to pay a premium to meet those needs.

a) Local b) Individual

c) Derived d) Niche

e) None

২৪. The number of different product lines offered by a company is termed the product mix’s-

a) Depth b) Length

c) Width d) Consistency e) None

২৫. Which of the following is the best example of nondurable goods?

a) Watches b) Aluminum cookware

c) Breakfast cereals d) shoes e) None

২৬. Which of the following securities is underpriced in the market?

a) Security A with the expected return of 10% and required rate of return of 18% based on its systematic risk

b) Security B with the expected return of 10% and required rate of return of 12% based on its systematic risk

c) Security C with the expected return of 10% and required rate of return of 10% based on its systematic risk

d) Both A and  B

e) None

২৭. Which of the following is an impact of the imposition of excise tax in the market?

a) Increase  in the market price of the product

b) Decrease in the supply of the product

c) Increase in the supply of the product

d) Decrease in the market price of the product

e) Both A and B

২৮. Which of the following is an interbank lending tool meant for very short-term transactions only?

a) Repo b) Reverse repo c) Call money d) Both A & B  c) None

২৯. Perfectly competitive firms maximize their profits upon fulfillment of which of the following conditions?

a) Average revenue should equal marginal cost

b) Marginal revenue should exceed marginal cost

c) Marginal cost should rise above MR=MC

d) Marginal revenue should rise above MR=MC

e) None

৩০. Which of the following products is traded in a perfectly competitive market?

a) Foreign currency b) Automobile

c) Clothing     d) Oil and gas e) None

৩১. Which of the following reasons is responsible for the conflict in rankings of mutually exclusive investment projects?

a) Difference in costs of projects

b) Difference in the timing of cash flows

c) Difference in useful lives of projects

d) Both A and C

e) All of A, B, and C

৩২. Which of the following conditions best describe a bond discount?

a) Market required rate of return > Stated coupon rate

b) Market required rate of return < Stated coupon rate

c) Market price < Face Value

d) Both A and C

e) Both B and C

৩৩. Constant Growth Model of common stock valuation cannot be applied in which of the following conditions?

a) K₀>g b) K₀<g

c) K₀=g     d) D₀=D₁  e) B and C

৩৪. When a Manager checks whether actual results are in line with targets, this is an example of the management function of:

a) planing b) organizing

c) leading d) controlling e) strategizing

৩৫. In Company A, each manager typically supervises 10 employees. In Company B, each manager typically supervises 20 employees. The _____ is wider in company B than in Company A.

a) base of power b) hierarchical control

c) span of control d) line of authority

e) line of command

৩৬. Which theory of motivation suggests that behavior is a function of consequences?

a) Feed back theory b) Equity theory

c) Expectancy theory d) Goal-setting theory

e) Reinforcement theory

৩৭. Which of the following is not an advantage of decentralized decision-making?

a) More flexibility b) More empowerment

c) Unity of command d) Product/ market focus

e) None











৪৮. The Bangladesh infrastructure Development Fund (BIDF). Formed with a portion of foreign exchange isserive will finance which of the following projects.

a) Karnaphuli Tunnel b) Dhaka metro rail

c) Payra Piri     d) Matarbari pori    e) None

৪৯. Who directed the liberation war-based documentary film ‘innocent Milion’?

a) Zahir Raihan b) Alamgir Kabir

c) babul Chowdhry d) Tareque Masud e) None

৫০. How many stars are there in Bangladesh?

a) 2 b) 3 c) 4    d) 5    e) None

৫১. Which of the following berks will issue pula de

a) The City Bank Limited b) Essendon Bank Limited

c) Prime Bank Limited  d) Duch Bangla Limited    e) None

৫২. Which of the following organizations is the largest global ocerprrere orgenizarion founted on the arveal secouset in the development country?

a) Vate seciprs in the developing countries?

b) international Development Agency (IDA)

c) International Finance Corporation (IFC)

d) International Deverispent Beix (IMF) e) None

৫৩. Which is the following function keys sentes and exits full screen mode in almost all browsers?

a) F1 b) F2        c) F10        d) F11        e) None

৫৪. Which of the following is a web in browsing software?

a) MS Bring b) Google chrome    c) Adobe Acrobat

d) Zoom e) None

৫৫. Which international organization will award “banglbundhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Internationa Prize in the field of or creative scponly” from 2021?

a) UNICEF b) UNESCO        c) UNOP    d) UNHCR    e) None

৫৬. ________ is defined as she social amount of greathouse Gnashing carbon dioxide and methane that are generated by an indivistant seysent, business of the country.

a) Global warming b) Carbon Monoxide

c) Population index d) Emissions index

e) Environment performance index

৫৭. Which of the following was not a criterion for Bangladesh’s graduation to LOC status?

a) Income Criterion b) Human Asset index

c) Economic Vulnerability index d) None

৫৮. When did Bangladesh become the member of World Trade Organization (WTO)?

a) 1993 b) 1995 c) 1999    d) None

৫৯. Who is the founder of SpaceX?

a) Jeff Bezos b) Elon Musk        c) Mare Benioff    d) Tim cook      e) None

৬০. Who has been conferred with the Gandhi Peace Prize 2020?

a) Nelson Mandela b) Desmond Tutu

c) John Hume     d) Julius Nyerere

e) Bangabandhu Sheikh Mojibur Rahman



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