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Procedure Of Back Care

Procedure Of Back Care. Back care may be defined as ” Scientific form of massaging the back using different massaging strokes to provide cutaneous stimulation and thus promote comfort ”. To promote physical and mental relaxation.  Improve circulation to this area, thus aiding in the prevention of pressure sores.





Procedure Of Back Care

Back care means cleaning and massaging back, paying special attention to pressure points. Especially back massage provides comfort and relaxes the client, thereby it facilitates the physical stimulation to the skin and the emotional relaxation. Back care is given following bath 2 hourly, to prevent bedsore for bed ridden patient. Bath gives relaxation to the patient. Lets see the procedure of back care to a long lying patient.

Important of back care :

  1. To prevent bed sore.
  2. To relieve muscle tension.
  3. To stimulate blood circulation.
  4. To relive insomnia.
  5. To assess the condition of the skin.
  6. detect early signs of bed sore.
  7. The treat the bed sore in early stage.
  8. To refresh patient and relieve fatigue.

Indications of back care:

  1. Bed ridden patient.
  2. Obese patients.
  3. Very thin and emaciated patient.
  4. Paralyzed patient.
  5. Edematous patient.
  6. Diabetic patient.
  7. Malnourished patient.
  8. Surgical patient with limited movement.
  9. Patients on complete bed rest.

Procedure of back care:

A. Articles required for back care:

A tray containing

  • A basin of warm water
  • Sponge cloths-2
  • Soap and towel
  • Surgical spirit or back rub lotion and powder
  • Mackintosh and towel

B. Steps of procedure :

  • Keep the articles near the patients bedside on the working side.
  • Close the windows
  • Screen the bed
  • Explain the procedure to the patient.
  • Expose only the desired portion.
  • Adjust the bed to a comfortable position and turn the patient , the away from the nurse.
  • Adjust light, temperature and sound within the room.
  • Switch off the fan.
  • Expose back, shoulders, upper arms and buttocks, and cover the rest of the body.
  • Wash hand with warm water.
  • Place the mackintosh and towel on the working side under the patient.
  • Use warm water , 105-110 degree F , with soap, to clean the area. Massage the area gently , but firmly, in a circular manner for one or two minutes.
  • Rinse and dry the part.
  • Apply back rub lotion or surgical spirit. Apply hand first to sacral area, massaging in circular motion. Stroke upward  from buttocks to shoulders. Massage over scapula with smooth firm stroke. Continue one smooth stroke to upper  arms and laterally along sides of back down to iliac crests. Continue the massage pattern for 3 min apply powder.
  • End massage with long stroking movements.
  • Turn the patient and massage from the other side also.
  • Remove the mackintosh and towel, tighten the bed if needed.
  • Dispose the used materials off into a bucket and wash hands.
  • Clean the replace the articles.
  • Record abnormal signs and symptoms, if any . Record the procedure in the nurses record and report to the ward sister.


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