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Combined 5 Bank Officer (Cash) Exam Question Solution 2022

Combined 5 Bank Officer (Cash) Exam Question Solution 2022 is available below. Combined 5 Bank Officer Question has been solved by educational team. 5 Combined Bank Officer MCQ Question Solved also publishes Questions and today’s Exam Question Solution Categorize on Our website 5 Combined Bank Exam Questions and answers are helpful for govt bank job seekers in Bangladesh. Combined 5 Bank Officer Exam Taken by Finance Department, Dhaka University. 5 Bank Exam Circular Base Year 2018. See Combined 5 Bank Question With Full Answer 2022 below.


Combined 5 Bank Officer (Cash) Exam Question Solution 2022

5 Bank Question Solution Download link will be available on this post. All information on the Combined 5 Bank MCQ and Written Exam Full Question Solution 2022 is available on this post.

Organization Information

Organization Name Combined 5 Bank Under Bangladesh Bank
Organization Type Government organization
Official Website

Combined 5 Bank Exam Vacancy    

Circular Base Year: 2018

Job ID: 10089

Post Name: Officer (Cash)

Total Vacancy: 1511

Bank Name and Bank Wise Vacancy:

1. Sonali Bank Limited (SBL)-183

2. Janata Bank Limited (JBL)-816

3. Agrani Bank Limited (ABL)-500

5. Rupali Bank Limited (RBL)-05

5. Bangladesh Development Bank (BDBL)-07

Total Vacancy: 1511

MCQ Exam Date: March 11, 2022 

Exam Time: 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM

Exam Type: MCQ

Total MCQ Candidate: 116427

See More… 

Combined 5 Bank Officer (Cash) Exam Result 2022

See Combined 5 Bank Officer (Cash) Exam Question 2022 Below: 

Another set of Questions:

সমাধান সেট – B 

বাংলা অংশের সমাধানঃ 

১. চতুরঙ্গ রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের কোন ধরনের গ্রন্থ? উত্তরঃ উপন্যাস

২. বাংলা ভাষার সাধু ও চলিত রূপের মধ্যে তুলনামূলক গবেষণা করেন কে? উত্তরঃ প্রমথ চৌধুরী

৩. নিচের কোনটি সমার্থক দ্বন্দ্ব সমাসের দৃষ্টান্ত নয়? উত্তরঃ লেনদেন 

৪. নিচের কোনটি ব্যতিহার বহুব্রীহি সমাসের উদাহরণ? উত্তরঃ কানাকানি 

৫. ‘সৌম্য’ শব্দের বিপরীত শব্দ কি? উত্তরঃ উগ্র 

৬. কাজী নজরুল ইসলামের ‘বিদ্রোহী’ কবিতাটি কোন পত্রিকায় প্রকাশিত হয়? উত্তরঃ বিজলি 

৭. কোন বানানটি শুদ্ধ? উত্তরঃ ব্যাকুল 

৮. ‘উপজেলা’ শব্দটিতে ‘উপ’ পূর্বপদটি কি অর্থে ব্যবহৃত হয়েছে? উত্তরঃ সাদৃশ্য অর্থে 

৯. ‘সব কটা জানালা খুলে দাও না’ – গানটির রচয়িতা কে? উত্তরঃ নজরুল ইসলাম বাবু 

১০. ‘দুনিয়া’ শব্দটি কোন ভাষা থেকে এসেছে? উত্তরঃ আরবি 

১১. ‘গিরিসংকট’ শব্দের অর্থ কি? উত্তরঃ পার্বত্য বন্ধুরতা 

১২. ‘সত্য বই মিথ্যে বলবো না’ – এখানে ‘বই’ শব্দটি কি? উত্তরঃ অনুসর্গ 

১৩. ‘আপণ’ শব্দের অর্থ কি? উত্তরঃ দোকান   

১৪. ‘ত্রিশ লক্ষ শহিদের রক্তে বাংলাদেশ স্বাধীন হয়েছে’ – বাক্যটি কোন কালের? উত্তরঃ পুরাঘটিত বর্তমান

১৫. ‘ভূত’ শব্দের বিপরীতার্থক শব্দ কোনটি? উত্তরঃ ভবিষৎ  

১৬. ‘তার বয়স হলেও বুদ্ধি হয়নি’ – কোন ধরনের বাক্য? উত্তরঃ সরল বাক্য   

ইংরেজি অংশের সমাধানঃ   

১৭. I want to watch TV — late — night. উত্তরঃ until, at 

১৮. The synonym of “condemn” is —উত্তরঃ Revile 

১৯. The most famous satirist in English literature is —উত্তরঃ Jonathan Swift

২০. Antonym of “frugal” is —উত্তরঃ extravagant

২১. The synonym of “pitfall” is: উত্তরঃ Shortcoming 

২২. “The Sun Also Rises” is written by: উত্তরঃ Ernest Hemingway

২৩. “Mending Wall” is the poem composed by:  উত্তরঃ Robert Frost

২৪. By writing the slanderous article, the journalist tried to — the politician. উত্তরঃ besmirch

২৫. Choose the meaning of the idiom “Take the bull by the horn”. উত্তরঃ To Challenge the enemy with courage.  

২৬. By the time you get back, Rahim —উত্তরঃ will have left 

২৭. They have — their support for our cause. উত্তরঃ pledged 

২৮. Be careful when driving — adverse weather conditions. উত্তরঃ under [Source: Cambridge dictionary] 

২৯. After —, my car looked as good as new. উত্তরঃ being repaired 

৩০. “To go into liquidation” is an idiom meaning: উত্তরঃ to go bankrupt 

৩১. Anika was — of the dangers of fire juggling, but she tried it anyway and burnt herself quite badly. উত্তরঃ cognizant 

৩২. The antonym of the word “superficial” is: উত্তরঃ deep 


গণিত অংশের সমাধানঃ    

৩৩। Consider ABD such that angle ADB = 200 and C is a point on BD such that AB = AC and CD = CA. Then the measure of angle ABC is —উত্তরঃ 40°

৩৪। A, B and C can complete a piece of work in 14, 6 and 12 days respectively. Working together, they will complete the work in —উত্তরঃ 28/9 days 

৩৫। A shopkeeper purchases 15 mangoes for TK. 10 and sells them at 10 mangoes for TK. 15. Thus, he earns a profit of —উত্তরঃ 125% 

৩৬। A polygon that has 10 sides is called —উত্তরঃ decagon

৩৭। If a:b = 1:3, b:c = 5:7, then what is the value of a:b:c? উত্তরঃ 5,15,21 

৩৮। A man’s regular pay is Tk. 30 per hour up to 40 hours. Overtime is twice the regular payment. If he was paid Tk. 1,680, how many hours overtime did he work? উত্তরঃ 8

৩৯। The numbers 2, 3, 5 and x have an average equal to 4. উত্তরঃ 6

৪০। If 6.4 is 80 percent of 20 percent of a certain number, what is the number? উত্তরঃ 40

৪১। If a 10% deposit that has been paid toward the purchase of a certain goods is Tk.110, how much Taka remains to be paid? উত্তরঃ 990 

৪২। If x+y = a and x-y = b, then 2xy = উত্তরঃ (a2 – b2)/2 

৪৩। The ratio of two numbers is 2 : 3. The sum of the numbers is 100. The difference between the two number is: উত্তরঃ 20 

৪৪। The price of two bananas is Tk. 40 and the sum of the prices of one banana and two kiwis is Tk. 50. The sum of the prices of two bananas and three kiwis is Tk: উত্তরঃ 85

৪৫। The length of two smaller sides of a right angled triangle are 5 cm and 12 cm respectively. The length of the third side is ……………….উত্তরঃ 13 cm

৪৬। What are the two roots of the equation x² – 7x + 12? উত্তরঃ 3 and 4 

৪৭। The sum of squares of two numbers is 48 and the square of their difference is 16. The product of two numbers is: উত্তরঃ 16

৪৮। If 25% of a number is 75, 80% of the number is: উত্তরঃ 240

৪৯। A man is now 3 times as old as his son. In 10 years’ time, the sum of their ages will be 76. How old was the man when his son was born? উত্তরঃ 28 years 

৫০। Amira can type 720 words in sixteen minutes, Raya can type 820 words in 18 minutes and Zunaira can type 798 words in 19 minutes. Who is/are the fastest typist (s)? উত্তরঃ Raya

৫১। A person incurs a loss of 5% by selling a watch for Tk. 1,140. At what price should the watch be sold to earn 5% profit? উত্তরঃ 1260

৫২। A woman buys 50 eggs for $6.60. Some cost 12 cents each and the rest 14 cents each. How many eggs has she bought at 14 cents each? উত্তরঃ 30 


সাধারণ জ্ঞান ও আইসিটি অংশ সমাধানঃ

৫৩। What is the goal number 4 of the SDG 2030 Agenda? উত্তরঃ Quality Education 

৫৪। The capital of Vanuatu is _________. উত্তরঃ Port Vila 

৫৫। Which of the following is a major stock market index in England? উত্তরঃ FTSE 

৫৬। Open market operation is used to control?  উত্তরঃ Money Supply 

৫৭। ‘C’ in CAMELS  stands for? উত্তরঃ Capital adequacy

৫৮। What is the length of each stump in cricket? উত্তরঃ 28 Inches

৫৯। Where is the headquarters of BRICS located? উত্তরঃ Shanghai [BRICS Tower, China]

৬০। Chittagong Stock Exchange was established in? উত্তরঃ 1995 

৬১। “The End of Poverty” is a book written by? উত্তরঃ Jeffrey Sachs

৬২। Who of the following received the Ekushe Padak 2022 for the language movement? উত্তরঃ Mostafa MA Matin

৬৩। The COP-26 was held in _______. উত্তরঃ Glasgow

৬৪। Who delivered the famous public speech ‘I Have a Dream? উত্তরঃ Martin Luther King Jr.

৬৫। Earthquakes are caused by? উত্তরঃ Tectonics [ Tectonics Plate] 

৬৬। Which instrument is used to see objects at the surface of water from a submarine underwater? উত্তরঃ Periscope 

৬৭। The headquarters of the European Central Bank is located in _______. উত্তরঃ Frankfurt [Frankfurt, Germany] 

৬৮। When did Russia launch attack on Ukraine in 2022? উত্তরঃ 24 February 

৬৯। ‘Helvetia’ is the ancient name of ______. উত্তরঃ Switzerland 

৭০। International Environment Day is: উত্তরঃ June 5 

৭১। The economist Adam Smith was a professor of ___. উত্তরঃ Glasgow University [Scotland] 

৭২। Greenland belongs to- উত্তরঃ Denmark 

৭৩। What e-commerce business model does iTunes follow? উত্তরঃ Service Provider

৭৪। In Microsoft Excel, the function key F2 is used for ____. উত্তরঃ Editing a cell 

৭৫। In MS Word, the shortcut key Ctrl + N is used for ___. উত্তরঃ Opening a new document

৭৬। Which one of the following is not considered as a form of secondary storage? উত্তরঃ RAM 

৭৭। SQL stands for ___. উত্তরঃ Structured Query Language

৭৮। Satellite Communication works through ____. উত্তরঃ Transponder 

৭৯। The speed of Internet data transmission is defined in terms of? উত্তরঃ Kbps

৮০। What kind of package program is MS Access? উত্তরঃ Database 



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